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In response to today's environmental triggers, YOUTH research is working to find precise, innovative, safe solutions that address all concerns: imperfections that come with oily skin; skin that has become unbalanced due to dehydration; preventing and correcting signs of aging. All of the collection's products can be used as complements to your regular routine, add-ons that address specific needs. The PURITY, HYDRATION and ANTI-AGE ranges offer multiple possibilities for creating your own personalised rituals. Give your skin everything it needs to look and feel great!

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YOUTH Purity

Targeted formulas that help mattify, control excess sebum, and clear skin. One simple 3-product ritual, a game-changer for oily to combination skin and a must-have for skin that is occasionally imperfect due to fatigue or stress. 

YOUTH Hydration

Hydration, a breath of new life for your skin. Hydration helps maintain the hydrolipidic film, provides plenty of water to help skin recharge and fights against daily aggressors. Moisturize daily for healthy, supple, beautiful skin.  

  • Fragile Areas Balm FRAGILE AREAS BALM

    Fragile Areas Balm

    S.O.S anti-dryness treatment for intensely dehydrated areas

  • Day & Night Cream DAY AND NIGHT CREAM

    Day & Night Cream

    Day and night hydration and protection

  • Protecting Light Emulsion PROTECTING LIGHTEMULSION SPF 30

    Protecting Light Emulsion

    Face and body anti-UV and anti-pollution protection

  • Hydra-Mask HYDRA-MASK


    A relaxing cream formula for intense hydration

  • Milky Exfoliating Emulsion MILKY EXFOLIATING EMULSION

    Milky Exfoliating Emulsion

    Daily skin resurfacer for soft, perfect skin

  • Micellar Water Face & Eyes MICELLAR WATER FACE & EYES

    Micellar Water Face & Eyes

    All-in-one cleanser to remove impurities and make-up


YOUTH Anti-Age

YOUTH's Anti-Age creams and treatments give your skin a regenerating boost, stimulating its vital functions. Regular cell-renewing treatments rich in active and natural ingredients delay premature aging and reduce existing signs of aging.