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Whether your skin is in need of hydration, a rejuvenating boost or SOS care, there is a treatment for you. Formulated with 100% natural active ingredients and plant stem cell, free of controversial ingredients, all YOUTH products shield your skin from today's aggressors.

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YOUTH Cleansers and Lotions

Cleansers formulated to rid your skin of dust, excess sebum and pollution accumulated throughout the day. A selection of skin-friendly products infused with natural active ingredients, the perfect start to your daily routine!

YOUTH Face Masks

Give your skin a boost! Face masks formulated to deliver - in just minutes - highly concentrated ingredients for optimal skin health and appearance. Experience spa-like relaxation as targeted components work deep beneath the skin.

  • Hydra-Mask HYDRA-MASK


    A relaxing cream formula for intense hydration

  • Anti-Age Defence Mask ANTI-AGE DEFENCE MASK

    Anti-Age Defence Mask

    Nourishing, antioxidant and age-defying mask


YOUTH Face Serums

Face serums, powerful boosters designed to advance any skincare routine. Serums target specific skin concerns, penetrating deeper than other products while at the same time improving the effectiveness of other treatments. Lighter than a cream but formulated with more concentrated active ingredients.

YOUTH Creams and Emulsions

A selection of day and night creams and emulsions to match all of your needs: moisture, anti-wrinkles, eye and lip contour, or extra-dry areas. Delicate, highly sensory formulas and textures absorb quickly for instantly fresh, comfortable skin.  

  • Anti-Age Night Cream ANTI-AGE NIGHT CREAM

    Anti-Age Night Cream

    Global anti-age and regenerating night care

  • Anti-Age Day Cream ANTI-AGE DAY CREAM

    Anti-Age Day Cream

    360° anti-wrinkle, anti-pollution and antioxidant, hydrating protection

  • Eye and Lip Contour EYE AND LIP CONTOUR

    Eye and Lip Contour

    Anti-age & anti-wrinkle targeted treatment

  • Fragile Areas Balm FRAGILE AREAS BALM

    Fragile Areas Balm

    S.O.S anti-dryness treatment for intensely dehydrated areas

  • Day & Night Cream DAY AND NIGHT CREAM

    Day & Night Cream

    Day and night hydration and protection

  • Protecting Light Emulsion PROTECTING LIGHTEMULSION SPF 30

    Protecting Light Emulsion

    Face and body anti-UV and anti-pollution protection

  • Oil-Free Emulsion OIL-FREE EMULSION

    Oil-Free Emulsion

    Hydrating emulsion with sebum-regulating properties