Skincare Ingredients

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Phytodermato Advanced Formula®


Purslane extract

Purslane extract delivers soothing relief* to irritated and itchy skin. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, its antioxidant, moisturizing and DNA protecting properties are well-known in traditional Chinese medicine.


Tomato stem cell extract

Tomato stem cell extract protects the skin from heavy metal stress, mercury, chromium, lead and nickel all having especially toxic effects on skin DNA. The powerful antioxidant properties* of Tomato stem cell extract prevents these kinds of free radicals from assimilating in the cells. By limiting the damage caused by these urban threats, skin is less likely to experience DNA breakages, its vitality, longevity and integrity not only protected but restored. Free from pollutants, the skin recovers its health and radiance.

Micro-alga extract


The extract of Micro-Alga, among the Earth’s earliest sources of life, oxygenates and energizes.  This multitasker delivers powerful purifying and immunostimulating benefits, and helps reduce sebum production*, pimples and blackheads. It promotes a fresh, mattified complexion, and a smoother skin surface.

Raspberry leaf stem cell extract


Raspberry leaf stem cell are packed with skin-boosting benefits: anthocyanins to relieve irritated skin; small active molecules that deliver big antioxidant benefits; and proteins powerful enough to neutralize oxidizing pollutants which can damage skin DNA. The Raspberry leaf stem cell extract delivers these very benefits: anti-inflammation, antioxidation and skin DNA protection. By helping maintain hydration levels*, stimulating hyaluronic acid in the fibroblasts and keratinocytes to balance hydration loss and restore the cutaneous barrier, the skin is suppler, firmer and better hydrated.

Solanum lycopersicum stem cell extract

Solanum Lycopersicum stem cell extract is a hardworking age defender*, combatting wrinkles, dehydration and loss of elasticity and firmness. Rich in peptides and sugar, it helps skin cell reenergize, reactivating their metabolism and functions. A powerful antioxidant, it defends against oxidative stress, harmful to the skin’s DNA. It also bolsters the skin’s extracellular matrix by stimulating and maintaining the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in fibroblasts.



100% Natural Active Ingredients



Phytodermato Advanced Formula®



- Anti-inflammatory Portulaca oleracea reduces the gene expression of cell factors and mediators which inflame skin cells exposed to aggressions and stress
- Portulaca oleracea reduces itching as well as gene expression and production of histamine which is triggered by allergic reactions and itching
- Comet assay used to test DNA repairing and protection properties


*Active ingredient tested in-vivo on 20 volunteers with erythema. Reduced erythema by 22% after 1 hour. 100% of volunteers experienced reduced itchiness after 10 minutes.


Tomato stem
cell extract

- Antioxidant properties reduce free radicals (ROS).
- Chelating property protects cells from heavy metal toxicity.
- Comet assay used to test DNA protection and repairing benefits.


*Active ingredient tested in-vivo on cells exposed to heavy metal and oxidative stress.




- Lightly hydrates
- Clarifies, balances and repairs
- Controls oil.


*Active ingredient tested in-vivo. Reduced sebum by 55.8% after 2 weeks, 74.6% after 1 month.


Raspberry leaf stem
cell extract


- Stimulates natural Hyaluronic Acid production
- Helps protect overall skin integrity by reducing fine lines, spots, wrinkles
- Contains Ferulic Acid, an antioxidant that boosts Vitamin C and E.


*Active ingredient tested in vivo on 20 volunteers for 28 days. Skin hydration improved immediately by 11%, and by 19% after 28 days.


Solanum lycopersicum
stem cell extract

- Antioxidant properties reduce free radicals caused by oxidative stress
- Comet assay used to test DNA repairing and protection properties
- Increases gene expression of epidermis and dermis compounds, so skin maintains and restores hydration, elasticity and firmness


*Active ingredient tested in vitro.