YOUTH, the importance of being happy

Emotions affect skin health! 

In today’s fast-moving, anxiety-inducing world, our skin has many a battle to fight to stay healthy and youthful.


But, the good news is that the more optimistic we are, the better we feel and the more likely we are to have happy skin! Indeed, brain and skin are closely connected: what we feel emotionally and physically quickly shows, especially on our face. It shows signs of stress, overwork, relationship problems, sleeplessness, sun exposure, lack of light, environmental pollution, junk food, even pharmaceutical use! The list of daily aggressions that can undermine our skin’s health is endless.


Psycho-dermatology can help us achieve healthier skin. This approach to monitoring skin health simultaneously treats negative emotions and their related stress-induced skin conditions, even illnesses. But psycho-dermatology isn’t the only answer. We can take simple steps to improve our skin’s health, steps that can be easily implemented in our daily life.


Smart lifestyle choices for happy skin! 

First, we have to stop complaining and procrastinating! Let's try looking at the brighter side of life. Let's make up our mind to get up EVERY MORNING PERFECTLY HAPPY AND SMILING! Each day must be embraced as a Day of Happiness, as a World Smile Day. Celebrating what makes us feel good should not happen only on the 20th of March and the first Friday of October!


Then, we need to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes generous portions of fruits and vegetables, sports, 7-hours of nightly sleep. While we're at it, let's learn to practice gratitude and loving meditations. Start journaling. Give yourself SMART objectives, objectives that are specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic and temporally achievable, both personally and professionally.  


The formula for happy, healthy skin!

And, finally, try YOUTH. Choose your own routine, one that will give you healthier skin and sensorial pleasure!


Whatever your needs, YOUTH will help your skin feel pampered and happy! Smile and relax, your skin will say thank you... forever!

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