Gender Neutral Skincare Routines Work for Everyone

When it comes to men’s and women’s skincare, why can’t one skincare routine work for all? After all, we all want the same thing, a great complexion. Though gender-specific skincare is common, the basic needs of skin – cleansing, hydrating, nourishing – aren’t gender exclusive. When unisex skincare is expertly formulated with safe, targeted ingredients, we all win!


How effective is gender neutral skincare?

Many factors contribute to the variations found in men’s and women’s skin: lifestyle choices, UV exposure, lack of skincare knowledge (more often the case with men than women). General cellular composition and hormones, testosterone in particular, are other contributing factors.


There is no question that men’s and women’s skin is different but, typically, they share the same basic skin needs - cleansing, hydration, anti-aging benefits – to address specific conditions.


Men’s skin:

  • More sebaceous
  • Denser hair follicles
  • More acne-prone
  • Larger pore size
  • 25% more density
  • Lose collagen at a constant rate
  • Prone to shaving-related stress


Women’s skin:

  • Produce less sebum
  • Smoother skin texture
  • Lose moisture to a greater degree
  • Prone to dryness
  • Increased loss of collagen at menopause
  • Deeper wrinkles and puffiness at menopause


Unisex skincare benefits everyone

After years of seeing “For Women” and “For Men” on packaging, it might seem logical that the sexes require different skincare products. But, in truth, we all share the same skin concerns. For that reason, there is really no reason why we can’t use unisex skincare products. 


Oily skin is oily skin. Anyone’s skin can develop wrinkles, dryness or loss of collagen. At the end of the day, treatments marketed to one gender will work just as well for the other.


What really matters is that the product contains good ingredients and formulas, and that you establish a consistent skincare routine:



Establish your routine for targeted results!

Rather than focusing on which gender a product is marketed to, you should be asking yourself what you want from your skincare. Tailor your routine around formulas which deliver targeted solutions to your skin and that you can easily fit into your daily routine.


YOUTH’s clean formulas are made from tested biocosmetic and plant stem cell technologies. 100% targeted active ingredients guarantee targeted results. YOUTH’s three gender neutral skincare lines, designed to meet a range of specific needs, will make your skin look and feel happy no matter who you are!


Unisex skincare, because who cares if you’re male or female so long as your skin gets what it needs!

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